Indian Tiger

The fast disappearing population of tigers in India have raised an alarm of concern among many associations and government. That is one reason the 'Indian Tiger Welfare Society' has come out to protect the 'Cat Family'. Indian Tiger Welfare was founded to spread awareness and work towards building safe haven for tigers that include Royal Bengal tiger, and Indian white tiger. This organization has a global agenda of saving the members of big Cat family who have become an endangered species these days
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Tiger Reserves in India

To save the famous Bengal tigers and other members of same family, Indian government has developed many famous tiger reserves in India. To save the cat family from poachers and illegal activities, these tiger reserves act as a safe home to tigers. Besides them also get to explore the different species of wild animals at these famous wildlife reserves of India.

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Wildlife Organizations in India

To conserve and preserve the precious wild world of India and the natural habitat of animals, the Indian government has come up with different organizations. Teamed up with some foreign countries, these wildlife organizations are totally dedicated in preserving the population of tigers in India that are fast disappearing

Bengal Tiger

The royal Bengal tiger, watching the king of jungle in its natural habitat is one experience that you will never forget. The best sight would be spotting the white Bengal tiger and watching it hunting its prey. Simply an unforgettable view.

Jungle Lodges

Jungle lodges are a great way to live with nature while enjoying some peaceful wild holidays. A great way to spot wild animals from your lodge room, these jungle resorts are very pocket friendly and offer great staying experience. Lets have a look.

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