5 Reasons to Avoid going out on Black Friday

Black Friday typifies consumerism run amok as masses descend on the stores in a mass spending spree. There are plenty of reasons not to join in with this herd mentality, which is likely to lead a weary return home clutching items you can’t imagine what possessed you to buy them beyond their cheap price tag. Here are 5 good reasons to avoid going out on Black Friday.

1) A compelling reason to avoid going out is to consider the mess the economy is in. Perhaps you have been budgeting all year or just cleared off credit card debt. Blowing your budget and racking up new credit card debt will probably lead to regret when you find you are penniless in the New Year. You may have to spend the next several months paying exorbitant interest rates to clear your balances back down to zero. The sales bargain isn’t such a good deal if you end up paying 18.5% interest on it.

2) It is worth considering if you actually need to buy anything before thinking of heading out. Possibly Black Friday has just become a habit. If you don’t have a specific item in mind with a massive saving to be had why not enjoy a peaceful day at home letting the turkey digest. Order any necessities on line on Cyber Monday instead.

3) Another reason to stay away from the seduction of the sales is the sheer volumes of people guaranteed to be out and about. Shopping in crowds can be a tedious business and you are sure to get bruised and pushed by frantic bargain hunters. You’ll have to wait three times longer than usual to pay for your items whilst keeping an extra tight hold of your purse, wallet and bags.

4) Equally the roads will be just as packed with people heading to the Black Friday sales. Driving round in circles looking for a car parking space is utter tedium and you may end up having to walk the full distance of the car park whilst juggling heavy bags. There are sure to be some enraged drivers on the roads whose tempers have been frayed by the endless traffic jams going nowhere.

5) Of course if you really do want to make a fantastic and genuine saving on something you need you should definitely avoid going out on Black Friday. Instead ensure that you are firmly established in your sleeping bag the night before. Remember to take an alarm clock, a woolly hat and a home devised weapon to use on anyone who attempts to trample you as you wake up at dawn to surging crowds.

These all make excellent reasons to avoid going out on Black Friday. Enjoy a day doing something else rather than chasing down bargains in your precious leisure time rather than fall into the grip of the national hobby of shopping.