7 sure Ways to Save Money on Greeting Cards

7 Sure Ways to Save Money on Greeting Cards

Greeting cards were once economical add-ons to birthday and holiday gifts – or simple sentiments to be sent on such occasions. Lately, however, printed greeting cards may cost several dollars apiece.

What can well-wishers do to save money on birthday cards, holiday cards and all-occasion cards? Here are seven sure ways to save cash on greeting cards.

Buy greeting cards at discount card shops or dollar stores.

Discount card shops and party supply stores sell countless cards for birthdays, holidays and all sorts of special occasions. Dollar stores and big-box discounters (such as Kmart, Target and WalMart) tend to sell greeting cards at reduced prices as well. Consumers who select greeting cards in such retail outlets can realize significant savings.

Buy economy greeting cards.

Some of the leading greeting card makers (like American Greetings and Hallmark) have begun marketing economy cards for mailing and gift package inclusion. Many of these budget greeting cards, though colorful and often appropriate, cost less than $2. Plenty of greeting cards are marked for sale at 99 cents.

Purchase greeting cards in quantity boxes.

Thrifty greeting card shoppers may choose to buy greeting cards in multi-card boxes for birthdays or special occasions. Often, holiday cards (such as Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day) are deeply discounted as soon as the holiday has passed.

Customize blank notes to produce greeting cards.

Boxes and packets of blank note cards may be sold in card shops, department stores, stationery stores and other outlets.

Often printed with lovely or thematic design on their fronts, these note cards are easily customizable for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. For example, white floral cards might be just right for weddings or bridal showers. Note cards with pastel plaids or stripes could be ideal for a baby gift or a young child’s birthday.

Clever card senders may insert personalized messages in blank note cards, perhaps using classic calligraphy or rubber stamps.

Make your own greeting cards.

Scrapbooking is extremely popular and a super means of making economical greeting cards. Creative folks can use printable cards (found free online), clip-art, stickers or stamps to design custom cards.

Reuse greeting cards.

Old greeting cards actually can become festive and fancy new cards with a few simple tricks. A pair of deckle-edged scissors (or pinking shears) quickly transforms the front of a used greeting card into a most attractive post card or gift package tie-on.

Some social groups encourage participants to write personalized messages on sticky notes for greeting cards, rather than directly into the cards, so that these missives may be recycled and reused. This way, the card even becomes part of the gift, which the recipient may pass along.

Send e-cards for greetings.

Of course, the most economical greeting cards of all are e-cards, usually available for free online. Many websites offer these electronic greetings, which save both paper and postage costs. Recipients may print out e-greetings, if desired.

Why is it important to save money on greeting cards?

In challenging economic times, folks may seek all sorts of creative means of pinching pennies and saving greenbacks. Besides, if well wishers spend less on throw-away greeting cards, then they are free to be as generous as desired in selecting gifts or celebration options for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.