8 Tips on Buying Car Insurance

A large majority of Americans are looking for ways to save money. There is a lot of talk about how to save on groceries and how to live debt free, but you seldom here about saving money on car insurance. Here are some tips for buying car insurance that may help you save several hundred dollars.

Get different quotes

Don’t just keep renewing your car insurance policy with the same company year after year without checking around. Since most people have access to internet at home, it is easy to get insurance quotes from different companies in just minutes.  Choose a website that doesn’t actually sell insurance, but one that represents 4 to 12 insurance companies.

Simply fill in the form, answer the questions, click the computer mouse and wait. Within a couple of minutes you will have quotes back from all of the companies. These companies are in competition to get your business, and they will give you the lowest price they can.

Pay bills on time

Make sure you pay your bills on time every month. That’s not just your insurance bills, it’s all of your bills. Most insurance companies will check your credit score before they give you a quote. Car insurance companies believe that irresponsibility in paying your bills will influence your driving habits and make you a higher risk to them. Therefore, your insurance policy will cost you more if you pay your bills late.

Live in a lower rate area

If you will be moving anytime soon, check the area you are considering moving to and see what effect it will have on your car insurance premiums. Insurance companies set their rates according to the area you live in. If it is an area that is prone to car accidents or has a lot of illegals without drivers licenses, premiums go up. If there are few accidents in a suburb, the premiums go down. Choose to live in a low accident area, and save money on your car insurance.

Do not drive a car that thieves like

Make sure the car you drive is not listed in the top 10 theft vehicles for your state. If it is and you purchase theft insurance, your premiums will be considerably higher. If you are already driving one of those cars, it may be in your best interest to sell it, and get a different model.

Maintain a clean driving record

Do everything possible to keep your driving record clean. Just one traffic ticket can cause your car insurance premiums to skyrocket. If you should get a ticket, find out right away what you can do to get it removed from your record, and do it.

Check for discounts

Ask the insurance agent of the company you are considering buying insurance from to show you a list of the discounts they have available. Let him know which ones you qualify for. Make a note of others, so you can work on qualifying for them when you renew your policy.

Pay your policy in full

Some insurance companies offer a discount if you purchase your car insurance for a year instead of just six months. Talk with your agent, and see how much you could save. Since you are obligated to have car insurance, purchasing it for a year may save you money.

Choose a higher deductible

Choose as high of a deductible as you are capable of covering. Set that money aside in a savings account so that it is available whenever it is needed. The higher the deductible you choose, the more you save on your monthly premiums.

If you are serious about saving money on your car insurance, get started today by applying these 8 tips for buying car insurance. Learn everything you can about obtaining lower premiums. You will be amazed at how much money you will be able to save.