A Case to Legalize Drugs in America

I do not do any drugs myself but as a teenager I did. I know people who are drug addicts and ones who were and have quit. My husband is a former coke addict and I believe that his strength to overcome it is one of the reasons I was first attracted to him.

That being said I believe that marijuana should be legalized.

An interesting fact was brought to my attention recently and I agree. Everyday people are getting drug tested before being hired as well as random checks after hire. If they test positive just once they are fired, kicked out on the streets and can’t find new work. Everyday police are pulling people over for drunk driving – they get a DUI or DWI. If a person goes to work drunk just once they will most likely be sent home for the day – but not fired.

Scenario: Man “A” goes to a bar and gets drunk. He then goes home and beats his wife. His wife is scared and doesn’t say anything. Man “B” smokes some marijuana at a friends and drives home. He eats some cupcakes that his wife made him and tells her how much he loves her for baking him those cupcakes.
Man “A” put other in danger while driving home that night because he was speeding and swerving all over the road ( he could have killed someone). Man “B” drove so slow that night that even if he hit another vehicle the only thing that may have happened was minor dings on both cars (no injuries).

I ask you – who is worse?

Currently, the law says that man “B” is worse. If they both were drug tested at work the next day only man “B” would lose his job.

Let me add to this thought – Man “B” loses his job and he can’t find anyone to hire him. He can no longer support his family and is forced to filed for welfare. He gets it and now taxpayers are paying for him to sit at home – most likely to smoke more marijuana. Man “A” is allowed to continue to drink and drive and beat his wife. He also still has his job, a job that allows him to drink more and more every night until one night he kills an 18 month old’s Mom, Dad, and big brother. This infant is left with no family.

Let me ask you again who is worse? Who is the higher threat to the general public?

If drinking is legal, marijuana should be!