A Case to Legalize Drugs in America

Legalize what is illegal. Logical thought screams out this is a really dumb idea. As a person who has been involved in the ‘War on drugs’, I can assure you legalization is a farce. Three reasons why economics, politics, and finally common sense.

Economics are driven by supply and demand. When one is reduced the price of the product will change. Like gravity we can complain about it but its the law. If legalized drugs then get regulated like any other product. Ever see the bureaucracy involved to get a liquor license? Imagine the process so your bar can sell legal drugs. FDA and ATF will see to it that drugs are made legal but less potent. So, I go to the bar and buy a joint which after 5 or 6, I get a mild buzz. Now, your regular user will complain this stuff is weak! At which time a ‘friend’ will approach and say try this. So, back to square one illegal and unregulated drugs demand a higher price because they are more potent. Right back to a ‘War on drugs.’ If one disagrees then explain why Moonshine and other illegal brews are still around? Alcohol is legal right?

Politics are driven by popular perception. Policy-makers must appeal to the voting public and ignore the vocal but non-voting minorities. Kerry banked on urban poor rising up in hordes to sweep him into the White House. Sorry, John, middle-class moms driving SUVs vote, not teen-mothers in the projects. No politician in their sane mind is going to sponsor legislation that goes against a deep-set Puritan ethic against illegal substances. Such a move is political suicide that would never make it out of committee. Sorry dead-heads but bone up on your government before you talk legalization.

Common sense likewise makes legalization a pipe-dream (sorry guess I am in a snarky mood) at best. Fact is this, drug use is one of those American rebellion kind of things. Before one is 21 its common for high school kids to seek parties that allow the forbidden fruit of the vine. It adds to the feeling of ‘getting away’ with it. Make it legal and you still have all the problems of 14 year olds killing themselves on the highways without eliminating the illegal element. Again, why buy a case of Bud-light that gives you a buzz when this White Lightening will get you blind in a couple of shots? Think about the number of drug and alcohol-related deaths in this nation. Now, make drugs legal and do you think the number will go down?

Drugs are not a victimless crime, people who never touch that crap are victimized by it everyday. To make it legal would only add greater problems to an already bad situation. In my humble view, those who wish to legalize drugs say so to salve their own conscience because they contribute to the death drugs cause. Drug-runners are not modern day Robin Hoods, they are business men who employ terrorist and mercenaries to stay in business. Innocent people die all the time. Legal or not matters very little since there will always be a market for that which is illegal.