A Guide to Filing Taxes Online

If you are a small business or accounting firm, and you haven’t starting filing your W2 and 1099 tax forms on line, you are missing out on a low cost convenient service that could cut your filing time in half. There are a few great websites that you can use to file these forms electronically with the SSA/IRS. These websites offer services such as:

-Low cost filing of W2/W2C 1099, and 941/944 forms.

-Sending forms to the SSA/IRS and mailing to Recipients for you.

-Transmitting of W3 and 1096 forms for free.

-Summary and Reconciliation Reports

-Viewing of prior year forms (limited to current year and three years prior).

-Saving Payer and Recipient information to your account for future quick form filing.

-Importing data from QuickBooks and CSV files.

For a small business with a small amount of employees, a website like www.filetaxes.com  is a great source for all of the above mentioned services. Starting an account is free. You only pay for each form you file, which can range from $3.99 per W2 or 1099 form and $4.95 per 941 form. To view current price rates and services for Filetaxes.com visit their website at  http://www.filetaxes.com/KB/110706/263085 .  As aFiletaxes.com user you will find that this secure website is the best way for your business to file tax forms. Keeping Payer and Recipient information on file for future year tax filing is a great convenience. This feature makes filing forms fast because the saved information can be prefilled on the form with one click of your mouse. Filetaxes.com also offers an online chat feature which allows you to speak with a Technical Support Representative. This is a great resource for new users that have questions about using the website.

If you are part of an accounting firm, or a company that has a large amount of W2’s or 1099’s to file than using a site like like www.speedefiler.com  is the right choice for you. This website offers many of the same services as Filetaxes.com. However, the pricing is structured towards bulk form filings. The more forms you file the lower the cost per form. W2 and 1099 filing starts at $4.95 per forms 1-10, $3.50 per forms 11-50, $3.00 per forms 51-100, etc… To view current price rates and services for SpeedEFiler.com visit their website at  http://speedefiler.com/KB/110706/263088 .  SpeedEFiler.com also offers the option to electronically submit forms to the SSA/IRS and mail copies to Recipients, just electronically file with the SSA/IRS, or just mail copies to Recipients.

A friend of mine, who is a small business owner, started using Filetaxes.com instead of his CPA. He said that his CPA wanted to charge him $50 to file a 1099 form for him. With Filetaxes.com it only cost him about 20 minutes of his time to set up his Filetaxes.com account AND fill out the 1099 form. The cost to submit the form directly to the IRS was $3.99. Plus the website automatically mails the form to the Recipient, so no trip to the post office. He said, at first he was a little worried about filling out the form himself, but there are links to the IRS instructions right on the form, and if he had a question about the website he just used the Web Chat feature. Filing online was easier than he thought it would be.  In this economy, saving money can make or break your business, so these websites are definitely worth looking into.

Filetaxes.com and SpeedEFiler.com offer services for small businesses and accounting firms. For information on filing personal income taxes online please visit TurboTax.com or HRBlock.com.