A Guide to the best Places for Baby Boomers to Live after Retirement

Baby boomers are not averse to the idea of retiring outside the U.S. Technology makes it possible for them to stay connected. There are many locations all over the world where cost of living is low when compared to the U.S. Some of the locations offer excellent climatic conditions and good healthcare facilities. 

Nicaragua is a representative democratic republic. It is the largest country in Central America. Nicaragua, with its foreign retiree residency program, is attracting many seniors. This program offers tax benefits to expatriates who wish to retire there. The country is rich in biodiversity. This country is an ideal retirement destination for nature lovers.

Belize, which is located in Central America, is a tropical paradise. It is a constitutional monarchy. The national language of Belize is English. This makes it easier for retired seniors from the U.S. to live here after retirement. The government’s policies (like Retired Persons Incentive Program) encourage retired seniors to settle down here. 

Panama is located in the southern part of Central America. This country is famous for the hospitality of its people. Panama is a presidential representative democratic republic. It offers tropical climate and amazing beaches. Seniors may consider this country to settle down after retirement. 

Portugal is a developed European country. This country is well known for its laid back attitude. Portugal is the thirteenth most peaceful country in the world. It offers many attractions like beaches, restaurants and golf. Cost of living is lesser when compared to other European countries like France and Germany. Portugal has a warm Mediterranean climate. 

Costa Rica ranks first in the “Happy Planet Index”. As per a study conducted by the New Economic Foundation, Costa Rica is the greenest country in the world. This country is located in Central America. It is observed that the people of Costa Rica enjoy good health and high life expectancy. The country offers excellent medical facilities at affordable cost. Health conscious seniors will benefit by settling down here.

India is a federal constitutional republic with a parliamentary democracy. It is the land of spirituality. Seniors looking forward to lead a spiritual life after retirement will benefit by settling down in this country. Located in the southern part of Asia, this country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Health care facilities are adequate and are less expensive when compared to the U.S.

Ecuador was rated as the best place to retire by “International Living” in the year 2009. This presidential republic is located in South America. Ecuador has a tropical climate. It offers adequate healthcare facilities at reasonable cost. Roman Catholicism is the main religion of Ecuador. 

Seniors should be clear regarding what they intend to do after retirement. It will help them in deciding the location.