A Guide to Wal Marts Coupon Policies

Before you start using coupons at Wal-Mart, it is a good idea to know their coupon policies. Wal-Mart’s motto is to “Save money, Live better”. Using coupons is a great way to do this! Not only does it help to cut your spending, but it allows you to purchase something you may have not purchased before because of the price. Perk is you are trying something new at a discounted price.


Wal-Mart only accepts coupons for items they sell! You have to present the coupons at the time you are purchasing the items. Items must be the identical size of the product on the coupons and only one coupon per item. There is no limit to the number of coupons you may use as long as you remember, one coupon per item. The coupons must be used before their expiration dates. If the value of the coupon you are using, exceeds the price of that item, the money can be applied to your purchase of other items in your cart or you can have the cash back. If you are using food stamps, (SNAP), or WIC, another program for Women, infants and children, you are not eligible for cash back from the transactions because of your coupons. The system will ask for a supervisor to come if you use 40 coupons, or you have a coupon of a value of $20.00, and if you use $50.00 in coupons. 

These guidelines are posted at the stores, so coupon users can read them if they don’t know the policies. This posting will help people so they will understand the policies. 

Types of Coupons Accepted

They accept five different types of coupons. They are Print at home Internet coupons, Check out coupons, called “Catalinas”, Manufacturer’s coupons, Competitor’s coupons and Soft drink container caps. 

Policies for each of their coupons

Print at home Internet coupons, must be legible. They must have manufacturer coupon on them. They must have a valid remit address for Wal-Mart to receive their reimbursement from the company. You must be able to read the expiration date printed on them. They must have a scan code that reads when you scan it at the register. They can be printed with black ink only, or colored ink, and they may not be reproduced or copied. Buy One Get One Free must have the specified price on the coupon. 

Check out coupons, (Catalinas) are printed on the back of receipts, usually from competitors stores. They must say manufacturer coupon on them. They must have a valid remit address. They must have a valid expiration date. They must have a bar code that scans at the register. They must be originals, not copies and are accepted in black and white. 

Manufacturers’ coupons are for dollars and cents off. They can also be for free items or (BOGO), Buy One Get One free. . They must say manufacturer coupon on them. They must have a valid remit address. They must have a valid expiration date. They have to be able to scan the bar code and can not be duplicated. 

Competitors’ Coupons are for a specific item for a specific price that Wal-Mart carries. If they are BOGO, they have to specify a price. They must have an expiration date on them and can be in black and white.

Soft drink container caps are usable for exactly what they say in the cap. 

Knowing the coupon policies guide at Wal-Mart, will make your shopping easier. You will not be surprised if the computer prompts a supervisor, because you will already know that can happen. Having your coupons straightened out and all of the same items placed together at the registers also helps your transaction to be a smoother one. Start saving today, using coupons. As Wal-mart says “Save Money, Live Better”.