A Guide to Wal Marts Coupon Policies

Walmart is one of many stores that coupon shoppers use. Their coupon policies are fairly easy to navigate, although they may be interpreted slightly differently by different store managers. There are also times that you may have to gently let your cashier know what the coupon policy is, because many of them do not really know the coupon policies very well.

If you have internet coupons, you will need to make sure they are legible. “Manufacturer coupon” must be printed on them. They must have a valid address to be sent to for redemption. They must have a valid bar code and expiration date. They may not be duplicated. BOGO, or buy 1 get 1 free coupons are only valid if there is a specified price. They are not valid for free items.

When it comes to manufacturer’s coupons, you can redeem any of them at Walmart. Make sure that “manufacturer’s coupon” is printed on them, along with a valid expiration date and bar code. Just like the above, they cannot be duplicated.

You may also use competitor’s coupons at Walmart, even those that are printed at the registers of other stores (also known as Catalinas). They must be for a specific item. If they are buy 1 get one free offers, they must specify a price. They must have valid expiration dates.

Walmart will also give you cash back or count any overage on your coupons toward your purchase. The cash back is very rare, but many places will count overage toward your purchase.

If you use coupons at Walmart, it is just as important to know what they do not accept, as well as what they do accept. They do not accept expired coupons, even if they are barely expired. They do not accept double or triple the value coupons. They may also have to call in a supervisor under certain conditions, such as more than 40 coupons in a single transaction, or the amount of the coupons adding up to over $50.

In addition to Walmart’s coupon policies, it is also helpful to know that they will match the price of anything that you are buying if you find lower prices elsewhere. They do not allow coupon stacking, as many other retailers do, but they do offer extremely competitive prices. You are often able to find that the regular price at Walmart is better than some of the specials elsewhere.

For more information, you may read and print out Walmart’s coupon policies here.