A look a what Health Insurance might not Cover during Pregnancy

When the cost of living is high, the cost of having a baby may not be affordable when you and your spouse do not earn much. It is prudent therefore to know whether your health insurance covers pregnancy and what it might not cover. Your health insurance coverage may not include the following especially if your health insurance is an individual policy.

Even if you are single and do not intend to get married, pregnancy is an issue that can catch you unawares. It is better to err on the side of caution and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. 

* Prenatal care

If the company you work at has fewer than 15 workers, your health insurance coverage may not support prenatal care. A federal law requires companies with more than 15 workers to have insurance coverage for pregnancy-related matters. Moreover, your country’s laws may differ. It is always good to have all the details checked before you purchase a health insurance policy.

* Complications involving the unborn

Another item that may not be covered is your unborn child and complications it is involved in. Cysts attached to the fetus are a rare but possible occurrence. Often they will shrink by themselves and disappear altogether. Otherwise an operation may be required to remove them before them become life-threatening. Other life-threatening situations may arise. You will probably have to pay a higher premium if you want to cover complications during pregnancy.

* Out-of-network healthcare

Insurance companies usually have their own in-network healthcare providers. You would need to inquire if your healthcare policy will include out-of-network healthcare services. Make sure you ask for a list of healthcare providers that are covered. Do not assume that yours is. Otherwise, you may end up with a bill that you can ill-afford.

* Extended hospitalization

You may encounter unforeseen complications concerning your pregnancy that need extended hospitalization care. It is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it is better to check very carefully the situations which may not be covered and make contingency plans for financial alternatives than be caught at the most unexpected moment.

* Complications during pregnancy

You will find complications during pregnancy a common occurrence these days compared to decades back. Complications arise these days due to a more stressful lifestyle as more mothers also hold full time stress-filled jobs that make high demands on time, quality of work and output. All the stress can result in complicated pregnancies and birth issues.