A look at how to use the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access System

It’s very simple. You do not need to register or makeup a user-name or password. As far as I can tell, your visit to inquiry about someone is completely anonymous.

I do it all the time. I am a Wisconsin Court Access addict. I want to know what my kids are doing, have they gotten speeding tickets? Disorderly conduct violations? Underage drinking? I also like to know something about the back ground of the people I hire and work with in my business.

Oh,and did I mention it is a great way to checkup on the ex-spouse. Hoping to find something you can use against him?

First you go to http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl, read the fine print, click “I agree” and the next page takes you to an area that is self explanatory. You type in the last name of the person you are looking for and the first name. now if you are unsure of the spelling or full name of the person,just type in the first 3 letters and a *. The * is a wild card. it is best to try not to use it if you can find out the correct legal spelling of the person’s first name it is all the better.

You click the search button, you do not need to add another of the other information, but you can if you want to know your search.

Within seconds, the complete list of everything this person has ever been charged with is at your fingertips. Complete with all the details. Even if the case was dismissed or the defendant found not guilty. The whole court record of the processing is there for your interest.

Like I said, it is pretty self explainatiory but for those of you who like to have someone walk you through things, let’s go.

First click on the court docket number, it’s that string of numbers on the left. Read al the information all the way to the bottom of the page. Return to the top of the page. Now look to the right. Click on COURT RECORD EVENTS. There you will find all the legal mumbo jumbo that took place while the courts were trying to locate said defendant.

Go back to the top of the page, by the center it says RETURN TO CASE XXXXX(8648362 Or whatever the number is. Check to see if the defendant still owes any money. If the case was a civil trial, there near the center of the page gives the information of how much money is still owed.

You can find out a lot about a person using the free access of the Wisconsin Court System. Other states have it too but they are not as easy to use. And they are harder to find. They are not all simply called Court Access.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a website that helps you locate prisoners. All you need to know is their full name, race, sex and year of birth.

There are all kinds of FREE court access, child support violator lists, sex offender lists. Don’t get suckered into to paying for any information. If you look long and hard enough, you can find out anything you need to know about anyone. One simple way is just to Goggle their name and look under the news category.

Good luck and happy hunting!