A Personal Review of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

I have had the privilege of being covered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for the last 5 years. When I was hired to work at a small pre-school after working with the local public school system, I was sure there would be no benefits to think of but was pleasantly surprised to be signing documents and sending them off to Blue Cross. While teaching for the public school district, I was enrolled with a different health insurance company so it was a fresh start. I was so glad to have coverage, I wasn’t questioning anything!

The paperwork was simple and easy to understand and fill out. My position offered me a choice of the type of coverage I would like from basic catastrophic coverage to full coverage. I selected a package that had maternity benefits; I was considering getting pregnant in the next few years, a small co-pay, and a low deductible. Within 1 month, I received a new shiny Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield card and a huge pamphlet explaining in extreme detail all my benefits and coverage. I would love to say that I took the time to read through the whole thing, but I didn’t, and it got put with all that other paperwork that I file and then throw out at the end of the year.

Things moved a long very smoothly over the years and there were no bumps in the road, or unforeseen potholes along the way.
When I decided to try to become pregnant, I was pleasantly surprised to find that certain things were covered and some where not. I pursued acupuncture, which wasn’t covered under my plan, a specific procedure which also wasn’t covered, but was provided with information and wonderful customer service when I called to ask about each situation.

The miraculous event happened and I did become pregnant. I called Anthem and was talked through the amendments I would need to make on my plan and coverage that was available under my plan. Luckily, my pregnancy went well, baby was delivered at the hospital, and my husband and I were amazed by the bill when it came in the mail. Of the $40,000 that it costs to have a baby at a hospital, only a small fraction was our responsibility to pay!

During this time, I became part of the CALCOBRA program due to taking maternity leave and being unsure of my return to work after having a baby. The process was effortless and quickly processed. When the monthly bill started coming to me instead of my employer, I took the time to contact Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to discuss my coverage and new coverage for baby. I discovered that many of the options were not needed anymore, such as maternity, and I could lower my rate by switching to Individual coverage.
I contacted a local broker and started the transfer to my own Individual Plan, which included the coverage I wanted for my baby and myself.

In this time of financial frustration and confusion, it is calming for me to know if something happens to my health or the health of someone in my family, we are going to be taken care of. I have only good and positive things to say about Anthem Blue Cross, and have felt my questions were answered reasonably and changes or additions to my plan(s) done quickly. Not everyone can afford health care costs today and I found that Anthem was willing to help me find the lowest and most realistic rates for my needs. Whatever health coverage you choose to use, have the right to ask lots of questions and make changes when needed. Talk to your Human Resource Department if you work for a large company to assist you with your problems or concerns. It is important to stay healthy and keep your loved ones happy and healthy, too!