A Race Elephant on the American Table Ethnic Patterns among Criminals

Wrongly convicted Khalid awan
Khalid Awan says he falsely confessed to his crimes because he was tortured by FBI agents and the RCMP threatened to arrest his sisters in Montreal

U.S. officials presented incriminating, False ,Bogus,Fabricated,purchased and modified evidences in court against Canadian Khalid Awan.

Please ;-Look into these points
1;-The new charges,as well as the previous ones,were commercial in nature.
2;-It was stupid to plead guilty on advice of the attorney .Basically ,you had ineffective assistance of counsel and your pleas as made under threat,duress and coercion’ with proper counsel via fraud by the attorney and fraud by the court.
3;-You had 14 months to go ,applied for treaty transfer ,learned of error on citizenship as per canada.
4;-The FBI committed the crime of obstruction of justice’ in not returning your ID.,passports etc so that you could effectively be returned to canada.
5;-FBOP ignored citizenship correction request by Canadian Consulate Office thereby causing injury.
6;-Upon arriving at MDC,and after the phones calls by RCMP,etc.,You were interrogated by AUSA and FBI without an attorney . in violation of Due process of Law.
The comment made by AUSA in respect to your family being arrested if you refused to answer is fraud and every thing you may have stated in that interrogation was done under threat,duress and coercion.
8;-The continued harassment ,intimidation and otherwise was done to get you to talk ,even though you wanted them to not harass your family.
9;-After March 15,2006, being arrested for the 3rd time, before being deported to canada,being charged with material support to a foreign terrorist’ and money laudering may have been done to as a custom and policy to deprive your of Rights and otherwise.
10;- The indictment could be illegal ,null and void.Of the three new charges, what do you believe is the material substance of the charges?.Are you able to do up an affidavit of the facts of the case/charges and the charges?.
11;-Attorneys and AUSA’s lie, as per the plea agreement and the money laudering issue!
12;-Yes ,I would agree that you have been singled out discriminated against , but situation like this ,but with Americans , happen everyday here in America!
13;-You may not understand American law, but never trust an Attorney!