A Race Elephant on the American Table Ethnic Patterns among Criminals

Here is one topic the politically correct won’t care for. What if police departments kept records of which ethnicity kills other ethnicities on an individual basis. There are so many marches, debates, articles, etc. that puts the blame on certain races, but with these statistics we can eliminate many of these nonsense false accusation’s, we may also be able to put many prejudices aside due to reality. After all, how many American Indians kill Caucasians? What about Asians killing African-Americans. Though the category would have to be Blacks, because they may come from many different country’s. You could also go by, Italians killing Ukrainians. Although the further down the line you go, the more you can find out.

Professionals would be able to concentrate on the real problem areas knowing the facts. We may also be able to tell if these killings were due to jealousy, arguments, a hatred that has been perpetuated etc. It may even be able to tell us why people kill their own kind. Presently they really have no statistics to go by. We are usually tough to learn something, always find your base first. Wouldn’t this be a starting point? Let’s cut out the PC crap, and get down to reality. Isn’t that the Psychological approach. In fact it’s the starting point for almost everything.

How can knowing the truth, be a bad thing? The worst thing that can happen is the people that organize protests may be out of a job. In many cases that may not be a bad thing. Many of the professional protesters (that are bussed in) would have to find real jobs. What a shame that would be. We would really be able to predict the possibilities of hate crimes happening again and again. Commentators would have a hard time debating the issue because the facts are the facts.

Imagine Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson being on TV less! The positives are mounting up already. The media would be able to cover murders without the fear of offending any group. Protesting the incident would have to be based on fact. No more; “we want justice” just for the sake of protesting that your people always get the short end of the stick. The stick would be the same length for all of us.

What are we afraid of? Is it more important to be politically correct, or to be aware of the real facts? We are beginning to bury our heads in the sand putting the truth aside. It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA!