AAA Membership is it Worth it

The most important thing you have when you climb into you car to drive, and that is AAA membership. I have been a member for 5 years. Last year I found out why I will always be a member.

First my daughters car broke down in the middle of no where, stranded. We called our triple A emergency number conviently on the back of the card. We were then transfered (quite quickly I might add) to a representative who took my information. I was told that they would dispatch a truck to my location, asked if I was comfortable and they arrived in 15 minutes and had us on the road in a matter of minutes.

The second time I went out to do a job, I was late getting on the road and forgot to get gas on the way. I had to pull over into the breakdown lane until help arrived. Because I was on the highway in a dangerous situation, they were there in minutes and I was saved, they gave me a gallon or two of Gas for free, and gave me directions to the nearest gas station.

Last example is not even car related. I went to the pharmacy on a Sunday because I was all out of my perscription and the doctor told me how much that is. I only had 85% of the price and could not go to the bank. So I told the pharmacist that I would return for it. He stopped me and said do you have tripple A you could take 20% of this particular medication. So I ended up with my perscription and change left over.