AAA Membership is it Worth it

Let’s face it – not everyone can afford a brand new, trouble-free (or so you may think) vehicle. In order to keep your budget in line and costs down, you may decide to drive your car well into its lifetime; in some cases even over 200,000 miles (320,000km).

Of course older cars and trucks will pose more maintenance issues than a new one, but even still new vehicles may leave you stranded.

You just never know.

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) Membership offers peace of mind to travelers of all ages, all over North America, no matter what type and age of vehicle you drive. But is it really worth the yearly fee? You better believe it is.

Having an AAA membership can and possibly will be the best tool you could ever have in your wallet. Have you ran out of fuel? Did you lock your keys out? Has your vehicle broken down on a busy freeway in the middle of a major city, or possibly out in the middle of nowhere? Or perhaps you are not mechanically inclined and have incurred a flat tire in need of changing? Your AAA membership will cover all of these mishaps.

In many large cities, it can cost you hundreds of dollars just to have your vehicle towed a few miles. With membership fees starting at around $50, it’s a fraction of that cost. Not only that, but by upgrading to a higher level of membership, you are covered for multiple tow calls up to 200 miles!

Other benefits of an AAA membership include: battery boosting services, fuel delivery, and winching/extricating in case you have veered off into a ditch. With a premier membership level, these are all covered free. Also, your AAA membership isn’t limited to just one car, it covers YOU as a person and not any specific vehicle. It does not matter if you are in your own vehicle or anyone else’s, you are covered.

Not only all that, but AAA members are offered hotel and other travel discounts, free maps and travel planning, and even allow for other discounts on things such as movie tickets or amusement parks. You can check AAA’s website for all discounts offered my many participating retailers; some of which you may have never known offered such discounts. Some of AAA’s participating retailers include Target, Circuit City, FTD Florists and Barnes & Noble.

Even if you own a later model General Motors-made vehicle equipped with OnStar, AAA membership still offers plenty of added value aside from roadside assistance.

Give yourself peace of mind and get an AAA membership today. If you book online you will save the $15 “entrance” fee. Go to to explore the wonderful benefits AAA has to offer; or in Canada go to for the Canadian Automobile Association’s website which offers all of the same great value as its American neighbor. You’ll be glad you did!