Abortion – Agree

My daughter had a medically advised abortion a few years back.  The baby was so malformed, the doctors said she probably would not be born alive if my daughter continued with the pregnancy and birth.  Or it was possible my daughter would die giving birth. Or maybe, both.

Abortion shouldn’t be looked at as just having a wart removed.  It seems it has come to that and the abortion is as easy as having the sex that caused it.

Rape is an entirely different situation.  A man who would rape a woman must have inherited the genes of a monster and who knows what the baby would turn out to be? 

Also, the woman has not planned for a baby and  perhaps cannot afford to keep it, although, sometimes, it is and quietly given away to some other family member. How would the woman feel toward the child? Such as incest.

Working in a hospital, a person can see some unbelievable people and things.  A wheelchair bound mentally challenged woman was in the corridor of the hospital where I worked for some years.  She seemed to not know where she was or what was taking place around her.  There were three men standing around her who were her two brothers and father.

She was pregnant with her second child by incest.  I did not find out what happened to the first child and don’t  know what was planned for the second but, if they were planning abortion, then, that would have been the thing to do.  She would not have had the capabilities to take care of any child and Heaven help the child who would have to live around men like that.

Working with Oncologists, there was a young patient who developed cancer where it was impossible to operate, after she discovered she was pregnant.  She was one of the sweetest ladies I had ever met.  She lived to see her baby born but, not long after, the cancer took over and she died and did not have the chance to see the baby flourish and grow.  It was such a sad miracle.

Abortion clinics should be done away with – I am ProLife.  It seems a sin to watch someone walk into one knowing full well what is going to happen.  Then, there are the botched abortions by out of the way doctors.  They should be found and prosecuted.

My daughter went into deep depression after she had her abortion.  She would sit and watch a video of the sonogram over and over again.  Plus, the fact that her in-laws did not or would not understand her situation and she had to fight them the whole time she was recuperating.

God was with me, though.  On a trip to see her once, I sat by a young lady who told me her niece had been born in the same condition and was institutionalized from the day she was born.  That had been nine years ago and she was going to be with her sister for the doctors were implanting a stint in her brain within the next few days.

Abortion is more like murder unless it is medically advised or other circumstances are involved.