Abortion is not a Form of Birth Control – No

I wish the question would have been….should women be able to use abortion as a form of birth control?  The debate about abortion is a very complex subject, because as a woman, I want the freedom to make my own decisions regarding my body, however, with the education and preventable measures available to women today,…abortion should only be utilized in extreme cases of abuse, or rape. 

Some people don’t understand that view, as if I am devaluing one life over another, the major difference being this….if a woman is sexually active and gets pregnant, that is a result of her own poor judgement, and an abortion should not be an exuse to reverse time (so to speak).  If a woman is raped or is abused by a family member, that was not her decision…therefore she should have the power to decide her own fate. 

The debate over abortion is about a woman having the freedom to choose what she does with her own body,…if you choose to have unprotected sex, the result may be a pregnacy….you had the freedom to choose,…you acted carelessly, and now because of that action the precious life of an innocent child is at stake.  Does that child have a voice?  Does that child have the ability to speak or cry out?  Does that child have the ability to choose?  No,…nor should you.  

The issue of abortion goes beyond the protection of the fetus, …it is about being accountable for the decisions we make in life.  If a womans rights to her own body have been violated, and she was not a willing participant…then she should have a say…and then she will have to bear the burden of her own decision.  There are millions of couples that would love an oppurtunity to partake in the blessings that come from having children….abortion should not be used as an UH-OH soulution. 

This is 2011,…there is a lot more education, and birth control available then there was in the 1960’s,…there is no exuse for the amount of abortions performed in this country, it is sickening….abortion rights don’t give a woman  the freedom to choose what happens to her body, they give the woman the power to erase the choice she already made.