Abortion is Wrong – No

I absolutely cannot support abortion. In my book abortion is  killing an innocent baby.. People that claim to be experts try to claim that a fetus isn’t a  baby. I disagree with that;  life begins at conception. The heart starts beating at conception, therefore a life has started.

Having an abortion as a method of birth control is absolutely wrong. There are ways to prevent pregnancy such as the pill, condoms and, new forms of birth control that are available today. The best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is through abstinence.

What is  sick are partial birth abortions. That needs to be outlawed in every state. That is a late-term abortion where the fetus is partially delivered then killed. How is that not murder? If a scared teenager hides her pregnancy then secretly has her baby in a dark alley where  the the baby dies. Then that teenager is charged with murder for killing her baby. What is the difference between that happening, and a doctor killing an innocent baby? There is no difference, either way it’s a  life  that is being killed.

I’m on the fence whether it’s ok to have an abortion when a women is raped. Why punish an innocent baby of something that isn’t their fault. It isn’t the woman’s fault either, but a baby can’t speak for themselves. If it’s too painful to keep the baby from a result of a rape, there are alternatives such as adoption

Having an abortion due to health problems, such as the mother or the infant’s life is in jeopardy is a tough decision . If the mother’s life is in danger that is a tough decision whether to choose between the mother’s life or the baby’s life.  If a woman is thinking of an abortion because the baby may have health issues or some kind of retardation is wrong.  Who are we to play God  and decide who lives and who doesn’t? Not everyone can have a perfect baby. Sometimes tests that are done during a pregnancy could be wrong.  When one of my niece’s was pregnant a test was ran for Downs Syndrome that came back positive. That test was wrong, her baby was fine when he was born.

There are other alternatives if a woman finds themselves with an unwanted pregnancy such as adoption. There are so many couples out there that can’t have kids that would love to adopt a child. Since abortion became legal in the United States there aren’t enough babies to be adopted by childless couples who are depserate for a baby.

Before making that drastic decision of having an abortion think about the alternatives. Those of you that were born before abortion was legalized, think to yourselves, if abortion was legal when your mother was pregnant with you, would you be here today? That might be a harsh question but it’s something to think about.