Abortion Issues Pro Choice Post Abortion Rape – Yes

Abortion happens in the first trimester when the fetus is not an independent entity from the mother, but is part of her body. This may be a life form, but this is not a human. Even after babies are born, they receive health care under their mother’s name for the first 30 days as even the medical community considers the baby one and the same as its mother.

Life may begin at conception, based on all technicalities, but there is not a person in existence at conception. Unused fertilized eggs that are used for invitro fertilization have also begun life, under all technicalities, but when they are not implanted in a woman, they are thrown away. If abortion is murder then this is murder as well.

Medical abortions have little risk and do not affect a woman’s health or ability to get pregnant again. An abortion has about the same risks as any regular out-patient procedure. Psychological studies have shown that there is great stress seen in the mother before she has an abortion, but afterward, she shows little to no post-abortion psychological issues at all.

In the case of rape, forcing a woman to carry a child to birth, even so that she may give it up for adoption, may cause her further psychological harm and stress. If she is forced to do this and gives birth to a child, that child may also be plagued with psychological issues knowing that it is a product of such a monstrous deed.

Abortion is not used as a contraceptive. Only 8% of women who have an abortion did not use birth control. The rest were responsible individuals who were using birth control that failed. Even the best contraceptive in the world has a percentage of failure (except abstinence, of course) and you will cause poverty and unnecessary hardship on responsible mothers who are trying to prevent pregnancy because they are at high risk of passing a disease on to their child or because they know they cannot afford a child at this stage in their life.

Teens that get pregnant have a bleak prospect for the future. Teen moms will drop out of school and then depend on public assistance. Your tax dollars would not have been used to fund these teen abortions; however, they will be used to feed these children and give them healthcare for the next 18 years.