Abortion – No

A woman shouldn’t have the right to abort a baby because she’s aborting a different individual. It’s not her body she’s aborting, it’s a child she’s aborting, therefore she shouldn’t be allowed to take another’s life, including her own child.

I think that if the mother doesn’t want her baby, she should give birth, and give the baby up to foster care. She wouldn’t be obligated to pay any money to send the child to foster care; all she has to do is leave the baby at one of their centers. There’s no need to kill unborn children.

Here are some facts about abortion (U.S and Worldwide):

(U.S): On 9-11, approx. 2,100 people died. On that same day about 2,400 abortions took place in the U.S alone (in one day); and since 9-11, over 2,000 abortions happen everyday in the U.S.

(Worldwide): Hundreds of millions of unborn children have been killed in the U.S alone. Over 1 billion abortions worldwide… and counting.

Here are the two main reasons why women choose abortion:

1. They can’t support the child. (Again, all the mother has to do is give up the child to foster care; there is no need to kill the child.)

2. To save their body image. (Basically women are selfish in this area, to the point were they would kill their own child to save their body image.)

3. The baby is un-wanted. (If the child is un-wanted by its mother; again, you can give the child up to foster care, rather than having the innocent blood of a child on your hands.)

There is no such thing as “Pro Choice” in an abortion; don’t let other people fool you about abortion, there is nothing pro about it, except death. In an abortion there’s only “Pro Death”; and for the people who are against abortion; would go under the catergory of “Pro Life”. People don’t want to admit the fact that killing an unborn child is unnecessary and cruel in every way. However it may seem for the mother of a child; she must know that there are options besides abortion.

Abortion in the U.S is no different than the Holocaust and Hitler; the only difference is the U.S government allows it; but that doesn’t make it “OK”.

Stopping abortion starts with the people who value life.