Abortion Pro Choice – Yes

Women should have the right to choose Abortion.  The woman is the person that will be carrying the baby.  After the baby is born, it is the woman’s responsibility to take care of the child. How can we force our personal values on a woman when we will have no further responsibility?

Pro-choice and Pro-life defenders will never agree on the rights a woman has after a baby is conceived. Pro-life defenders believe that once a baby is conceived, the woman should be forced to carry the baby to term. The Pro-lifers believe that if a woman’s life is at risk, tough, it is just at risk.

The Pro-choice defenders believe it is a woman’s right to terminate the pregnancy if there are circumstances in which the pregnancy may need to be terminated.  If the pregnancy was the result of rape, it is the woman’s choice to terminate.  If there are health issues with the fetus or mother the pregnancy may be terminated.  The end result is it is the woman’s choice.

It is odd in a day when Republicans want limited government and don’t want government involved in health care which affects millions, the same group wants the right to determine what a woman does with her body.  What if the baby will have major health issues for the rest of their life? The same group who wants to protect insurance companies who don’t want to pay for pre-existing health conditions wants to force this woman to keep this baby? This same baby that will start out suffering, who will never have health insurance must come into the world and suffer.

This mother who will have major medical bills because of a sick child will be forced to watch her child suffer.  This will happen because of politicians who believe that no one has the option of personal choice? Pro-choice is only a option.  The option doesn’t mean that every woman will run out and get abortions.  Smoking is a option.  Everyone doesn’t smoke.  We all have the right to bear arms, but we all don’t carry guns.  Pro-choice is a option just like smoking and carry guns that should be allowed to women. It is ironic that smoking and carrying guns are allowed.

Pro-life supporters claim that abortion is killing a child. Smoking causes cancer.  Smoking also pollutes the air around the smoker.  Second hand smoke causes cancer.   Cancer kills people.  How many people have died from gun shots?  How many children have gotten their hands on guns and killed someone? Guns kill people.  We have no laws saying that smoking or guns are against the law.  Yet we want a pro-life law that forbids abortion?  Abortion will affect one woman. If the woman doesn’t tell anyone, no one will even know.   Why is it our right to tell that woman what to do with her body?  Should we next forbid any woman from getting her ears pierced without a formal election?

Abortion is a woman’s right.  It is not up to the government or us to determine what happens to any individuals body.