Abortion Story – Yes

In my opinion the legal father should have the right to decide whether to abort or keep the baby. I have always been pro life and had a presonal experiance with ab ortion. When i was 15 and a sex crazed teenager i slept with a girl who fell pregnant. I was real drunk at the time so i didnt exactly think throught the basics.. like a condom. So being a horny and unpicky teenage boy i slept with a girl. About 2 months later i got a call from this girl and she tole me she was pregnant. Obviously i was so fricken scared, happy and nervous. I was just a ball of emotoins. I kept it to myself for a while, She had to go to her 3month scan where we found out it was a boy and healthy. The following week she had a abortion. The day of the scan we had this long talk about what to do withe the baby. She didnt want to have to raise a kid, i did. So we decided that she would keep the baby and i would raise him as a single father. The next week as i had come to terms with being a dad, i got ready to tell my family and friends. I had decided on a name for him, and i had gone baby shopping. I found out she aborted. I was heart broken and it got even worse when i found out she aborted because she was starting to get visable and didnt want the shame of being pregnant, and the scars/stretch marks. I have speant every night of the past two years thinking about how i could be putting a baby to bed. Right now i could have a 2 year old. What she put me through has scarred me for life, i will never be the same. men NEED to have a say in the pregnancy. If the couple is able to initiate sex then the are aware of the possible outcome. Woman should be made to go through with the pregnancy if her partner wants to raise the baby. Its not fair on th mental health of men. or the life of the son. Woman need to be accountable for their actions. Im sure that many men have had similar experiances and its completely unjust. the laws need a change, th times have changed and men need to be recognised as part of the process of a baby’s development, life and the inital production