Abortion – Yes

Should a woman have the right to choose abortion?  That is one question that raises very many different responses and opinions. While being against abortion I do strongly agree that women should have the right to choose abortion for very many reasons.  Many wonder “well how can you be against abortion and still say women have the right to choose,” I’ll explain if you keep reading.

Firstly speaking as a human with rights to vote and so on, I’m given the choice to elect who goes into office and runs the country and make all kinds of decisions that not only effect myself but the rest of the human population as well. I should also have the right to make choices that concern ME and MY body.

Being pregnant can cause many complications. Sometimes lives and emotions are at risk if a pregnancy is too complicated. Example: a friend of mine found out she was pregnant. Her first doctor’s visit she was told there was fluid around the baby’s head that shouldn’t have been.  She was told that she could carry the baby to full term BUT the issue would only get worse and her baby would not survive. If she didn’t have the right to choose to abort the baby or carry it she would have been forced to carry this baby and go through with birthing a baby that wouldn’t live. You understand?

Speaking as a woman I say “Our body our choice”.  It should not be left up to any one else to decide what we allow to happen to our bodies.  Some women don’t wish to go through the morning sickness, weight gain, swollen feet, and irritability. Not saying those reasons are reason enough to abort a child but it should be left up to that woman. Her right to choose shouldn’t be taken from her. What if women didn’t have the right to choose and a woman found out she was pregnant and she wanted to go through with her pregnancy and keep her child and she was told no for whatever reason. She’d be forced to go through a procedure she didn’t want to have in the first place or either try to hide it and complicate things. That means not getting proper healthcare risking her life as well as the baby’s life.  That’s no good for anyone involved in that sort of situation.

I must reiterate myself because the bottom line is that women should have the right to choose abortion for whatever they may or may not want it. That right should not be taken from us.