Abortions are ok if Thier is a cause – Yes

I believe that any women has the right to choose if she wants to carry out an abortion in the intent that she does not want to concieve a child. I believe that abortion should always be a choice and be an open option that any women can have as a back up if she needs to.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I like abortions, it is sad and would be something I hope I would never have to do, but life is not easy with peaches and cream. When I think of abortion, I look at in a different way, I think of my life and many other kids like me or who have it worse. 

We all believe in different things as far as religion and afterlife but the truth in reality is none of us know what happens. My belief is that if you were meant to come you will come somehow. Why bring children in the world to suffer and bear pain and hunger when you can’t take care of them. Accidents happen but when you grow up without parents, or poor it’s not the same. 

When women have medical issues and they can’t bear a child, they should not carry the child and when you’re a rape victim, why bring that child into the world where when their mother looks into their face, she hates them and cries! 

All of those issues are always covered when it comes to abortion, but what about when it’s a child who will grow up without food or clothes and house. Always suffering and having to commit crimes to survive, that becomes their way of life and no one is their to help and tell them that’s wrong.

Or what about when you have no parents and no one will adopt you because you are hispanic or any color and you have to live without a family. How can you start a family when you’re emotionally a wreck and you don’t know how to start a family because you never experienced it!

Sometimes it’s better to wait and let the baby go. Everyone I hope wants their children to grow up having a great life so if you can’t make that happen why bring them to suffer? Accidents happen but why should someone else suffer for your mistake.  How many more children do we have to see on the streets and in commericials saying donate 30 cents so this four year old can eat tonight!