Abortions should the Father have some say – Yes

Why should a man not have a say in the question of abortion? It takes two to create a baby. The decision to have sex takes two. The decisions that will affect the life of a child require a mother and a father to decide together.

If a mother does not want the “burden”(or joy as some men know it) of raising a child because she was “just enjoying an evening of casual sex”(as it is referred when roles are reversed), why should the father not be considered? It is hard to understand how the father would not be welcome to opinion or discussion regarding the life of his child.

We are cultured to perceive men as promiscuous, emotionless and without feeling or any concern for anyone but ourselves. Women/mothers are collectively viewed as super nurturing and the only sex capable of parenting (or in this case avoiding parenting). And at the same time, men/fathers are by default the polar opposite of that. This is a very disturbing trend that seems to be building momentum and is also creating a wide range of societal problems, that are not even fully understood.

Fatherless families have become the norm. Mothers who have no intention of allowing her children to love or even know their father are championed as empowered or strong. Fathers are instantly disposed of from the life of their own children by mothers, courts, law enforcement and a host of other social system agencies that default to the mothers wishes. As a person who grew up fatherless and today is a father who’s children are growing up fatherless, I can assert that many good, caring, loving and nurturing men are treated like human trash/criminals. How would women feel if the roles were reversed and were treated the way men are without any concern for their feeling or opinion? The answer is obvious.

Our men and fathers are capable of many things, parenting included. Being a father today has completely lost its appeal. Many men who want families and the joy’s and rewards that they bring, are hesitant or are downright refusing the urge. That statement is easily supported by the drastic decline in the size (number of children) of the modern family, the rise of the broken family as the standard and the way men are expected to be nothing more in the life of children than visitors, deadbeats, ATMs or any other degrading, humiliating, outright hurtful light that they can be placed in.

Ladies, if medical science could develop a procedure to allow you to just donate your eggs to a fertile male and allow that male 100% control over the life created, how would you feel? Currently, men are the “donors” and the women are the “recipients”, now reverse the roles and see if you like the way that sounds. From this side of the fence, it is not all it’s cracked up to be. If we welcomed our fathers in our childrens’ lives, I certainly believe many would be pleasantly suprised at what they would find.