Abortions should the Father have some say – Yes

Abortions: Should the father have some say?

Another fine topic for argument. But first, let’s review the situation as it is.

At this time, if a woman becomes pregnant, SHE, and ONLY she, can decide if the fetus is to be terminated. That’s it. That is the entire situation.

Now, I ask you, if she can’t become pregnant by herself, why should she be able to make that decision on her own? It takes two to tango, people. You can’t get pregnant by masturbation.

Of course, I can take that argument one step further. While I doubt many women would have a problem getting any man in to bed, it doesn’t work that way for men. We have to ask, seduce. At any time the woman can say “NO!”, and we have to stop. Otherwise, in all civilized countries, it’s considered rape. So, women already have all the control. But then, that’s what this is really about. It’s not about the child, it’s not about the father, it’s about control. And I really don’t care if the women out there agree, or not….it’s true.

But, why should they retain that control if they have given in willingly to a man? Even if it’s a one night stand. Assuming that she hasn’t had sex with multiple partners and knows who the father is, that father should be given a chance to help determine his child’s future. If she doesn’t want the child, then he should have the right to raise it himself. The woman should give up her rights to the child and let it be.

By now all the women out there are probably ready to cut my manhood off and feed it to me. All I have to say to you is: BE RESPONSIBLE, little sister!

It is partially your fault that you are pregnant…as I said, it takes two to tango. So, you are responsible for that child even if you want to give it up for adoption, or have an abortion. Neither is a decision that should be made without talking to someone. And the first person who should be consulted is the father of the child. It is that simple. HE HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW! It may be your body, but that doesn’t mean that you should have exclusive domain over the child that you helped to create. Again, it takes two, and both should have a say in the child’s future.

To those who disagree, I say, good. If everyone agreed with me, the world would be a very dull place….but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong. A man has everything to do with a woman being pregnant (unless scientists and doctors are involved, of course). Unless he has forced himself on the woman in question, he has a right to know that his sperm has created a new life and have some say in what happens to it. Remember, unless you’re the Virgin Mary, a man has been involved from the beginning.