Abortions should the Father have some say – Yes

Fathers do not seem to have enough say when it comes to issues about abortions, adoption and care arrangements for their own children. It is not fair to assume that the father is OK with an abortion, it is not just the mothers child but it is also the fathers. More and more people seem to be getting involved in Human Rights and even people who aren’t, when they feel unjustly treated, 9 times out of 10 say “Don’t I have a say in this?” So why should it be any different for a baby?

If the Mother of the baby does not want it but the Father does then adoption or sole custody of the child could be arranged for the Father so the Mother does not feel obligated to raise the child or feel responsible for the child. It is not fair of a Mother to assume that the Father does not have a say in the pregnancy and how the Father feels about the situation. It has after all taken two to tango and both adults should be responsible for the outcomes of adult relations, so if a decision was made conjointly about having adult relations than a decision should be made together of tackling the issue of a baby.

Men’s rights are also becoming more and more of an issue and they are also making their rights known and being active in campaigns and raising awareness. Should the Father of the child not have respect from people who wishes to step up to the mark and take on the responsibility of the child and also the consequences of their actions.

It also can be better for the Mother of the baby. I question when she realises that she is not alone in raising a child and also has the Fathers support which can be a factor in the decision on whether or not to have an abortion if the Mother feels alone and unsupported. If the Father is offering support either way then this should be respected and admired for their responsible behaviour.

More support should be given to Men who wish to be single Fathers and to take on the responsibility of their actions, just as women do who have received no support from the Father of their baby and as a society, people should be more aware of father’s rights and willing to give support.