Advanced Budgeting Tips for Coupon Clippers

You do not have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that clipping coupons saves you money. And if you have traveled the internet for any length of time, you have probably picked up a few handy coupon clipping tips along the way. Indeed, you might be well on your way to being the next money saving expert. Still, despite the fact that you might already be a bargain hunting black belt, a connoisseur of coupons or a deal hunting diva, that doesn’t mean you know it all. If you are ready to kick your savings up a notch, check out these five advanced strategies for coupon clippers like you.

Write your budget as if you were not using coupons at all.

Your grocery budget should reflect your pre-coupon total. This way, whatever money you save at the register goes directly to your savings account, CD or investment accounts. You can also use your savings to pad your checking account or emergency fund for unforeseen expenses.

Leverage technology.

These days, there is an app for just about everything and saving money is no exception. Smart phone users have thousands of coupon helper apps at their fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week, designed for even the least technologically savvy consumer. Import store discount or savings cards into your phone, and seek out coupon apps to help you beef up your savings no matter where you may roam.

Double up.

Most stores allow you to combine in-store coupons with manufacturer coupons and double up on your savings. You can also combine BOGO (buy one get one) offers with BOGO coupons and actually wind up getting your BOGO totally free when using the offers together. Clever, huh?

Combine and conquer.

Grocery stores will generally accept competitors coupons and will even let you double (and triple) your coupons from time to time. Visit your local grocer’s website to get the skinny on the deals in your local area before you go shopping if you want to maximize your savings.

Use cash back everything.

Put both a cash back rewards credit card and debit card in your wallet. Use your cash back rewards credit card to pay your monthly grocery bill and pay that cash back card off with your cash back debit card. If you do this, and pay other bills this way, you can actually earn $100 or more in cash back savings every month.

It’s no secret that clipping coupons saves you money, but if you combine coupon deals, leverage technology and employ powerful cash back saving strategies, you have the perfect recipe to maximize your coupon savings. So go forth fellow shopper, coupon and conquer.