Advice on how to become a Millionaire

Becoming a millionaire is a dream we all wish could be a reality. We would never have to worry about whether we will be able to pay off all those bills that seem to be never ending. By wishing to be a millionaire, it does not in any way mean that you are being greedy but instead you would just like to live comfortably. The best thing about it is that there are no set skills that you need and anybody has the opportunity within themselves to accomplish this goal. 

The first thing you are going to need to do before starting the journey of becoming a millionaire is to set your mind to it. Commit yourself and have a really good think about what sacrifices you are willing to make along the way. You have probably all heard about these get rich quick schemes but sadly if these were real we would all be multi-billionaires by now and you wouldn’t be reading this article. Also, to make your goal more achievable you need to do something that you enjoy. 

♦ Real Estate

Real estate is by far one of the most commonly used ways of becoming a millionaire and it can be done in every single city, town, neighbourhood and anywhere else imaginable. Take a trip down to your local estate agents and get them to give you the statistics from where you live. When buying property, remember that estate agents work on a commission basis so you can save this extra money by finding the properties yourself. Pretty much every street has a house or two that is up for sale. Just a simple enquiry is all that is needed to get started.

You need to think about the conditions of the houses, the price and any improvements that could be made. Obviously you shouldn’t buy a house that has absolutely no earning potential whatsoever. Look for any leaks in the roofing that could be used to your advantage when negotiating on the price. Once you have the property there are a few different opportunities you could use to your advantage. You could make changes and then sell it straight on or rent it out to tenants.

Flipping the houses and selling has been proven to be the most successful way of earning quick money. A great place to look at when trying to buy cheap properties are at auctions, there is huge profits to be made from this and is great for anybody with the funds to originally start up.


Multilevel Marketing could be just what you need to realising your million dollar dream. Many people fail in MLM purely because of the fact that they are just not committed enough in what they are doing. As I mentioned earlier, this is also not an overnight success but with the proper mindset anything can be achieved. If you are going to choose the MLM path then it is very important that you do NOT give up your day job. They will always start off slowly before you can start making some good amounts of money so it is very important to keep your day job at the beginning. 

Research thoroughly before investing in any MLM. Their are many scam sites out there which are giving all the legitimate ones a bad name. In order for you to successfully build an MLM business you must make your own decisions. Don’t start it because somebody else pushed you in to it. Know your products thoroughly. A good mentor will give you all the tools you need to sell the product successfully. Not everybody will WANT the product so it is very important that you learn to take rejection and just move on to somebody else.

These are two of the most successful ways of becoming a millionaire however there are absolutely millions of other ways but which may take a lot longer to achieve your goal. Anything you can think of, there is a way that you can use it to become a millionaire so try something that other people are not doing and above all, have fun.