Age Based Pricing for Long Term Care Diseases

Information on long-term care insurance is needed by a lot of people, especially when they get older and approach the retirement age. Though, even before reaching retirement age, you should already have settled your concerns and prepared for your future and growing old. All the more, you should prepare for it while you are young because the rates and prices of long term-care services are ever changing and sometimes it os because of diseases or conditions requiring long-term care and the age of a person.

At one side, it is kind of practical that long-term care services are priced according to the age or disease that a person has. It is because long-term care service could be a treatment or the way the caregiver would take care of the person and what kind of assistance will be given to that certain individual. So, it depends on what sickness that person has and how a caregiver would treat him or her.

For example, a person who has Alzheimer’s disease would not be treated just the same as a person who has diabetes. A person with Alzheimer’s would be more likely to be treated gently and would need calmness and long patience. 

In interacting with a person who has Alzheimer’s disease, you must have a very long patience to understand that person, especially because Alzheimer’s disease slowly damages verbal communication skills of a person and you might get a hard time trying to decipher what that person is trying to say or vice versa. You would need to help the person understand what you are saying or to understand what they are trying to say to you. Your temper shouldn’t be very short for that would just get you nowhere and the person might get more frustrated because of the situation.

As for the person with the diabetes, it is just like interacting and communicating with any other person. The only thing that you should take note about them is the food that they eat, the activities that they do or even how they feel at the moment. You couldn’t be just so casual with them that you even give them what they are not supposed to be taking. Also, there are activities that they are prescribed to do or that they are prohibited from that you should take note of when relating with them.

On the other hand, the thing that is not good in paying for the prices based on your case and sickness is the imbalance regarding the treatment of a certain company to the patient. Though there are right points about the age-based rates, it would still be a little unfair to those people who have extreme cases and worse condition than the others. The burden would still be on them having sicknesses, and paying much more than the others that could and would deplete their resources down to zero for they still have other financial concerns such as medications and the basic needs.

The best thing to do is start purchasing long-term care insurance policy even if it is still early. Not only will you be saving for your future life, but you could also start preparing and keeping money for when and if you happen to acquire any long-term care diseases that would last long.