Alabama Auto Insurance

Alabama drivers be prepared! Auto insurance is a headache, but it is also a requirement! Alabama state laws require anyone who registers a vehicle in the state to maintain minimum amounts of auto insurance at all times. Coverage must include a Liability policy of 25/50/25.

-$25,000 is the amount the insurance company will pay for bodily injuries for one person involved in the accident.

-$50,000 is the  maximum amount the insurance company will pay for all parties involved bodily injury costs.

-$25,000 is the amount the insurance company is willing to pay for property damage caused by an accident.

Two additional types of auto insurance, collision and uninsured motorist, are not required bu highly recommended by most insurance companies. These policies can be added to the state minimum insurance for a few extra dollars, and can make a woeld of difference in your costs in case of an accident.

Alabama is a torte state. This means that the driver who is at fault in the accident must pay the victim’s medical expenses and the victim has the ability to file a court claim against the driver found to be responsible for the accident for any additional and related damages including pain and suffering and lost wages.

Any type of vehicle registered in Alabama, including motorcycles, must carry this minimum coverage. The insurance identification card must be present in the vehicle at all times, and without it, fines can be imposed.

Most people are unaware that Liability insurance does not include repairs to their own vehicle. Thousands of dollars in damage to your car can be a huge burden. With collision coverage, the auto insurance company will also cover the costs of repair to your vehicle. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you in the event of an accident with a motorist not carrying the minimum insurance on their vehicle.

As a highly competitive industry, you will find auto insurance companies tucked inside every strip mall and corner in town. Rates for insurance can vary greatly from company to company, as can the service you receive. Most insurance companies have discounts available that can cut a huge chunk from your premium. Be sure to ask about discounts to save the most! Common discounts include multi-policy, safe driver, and student drivers. Keeping a clean driving record can also improve the rates you will pay, as will your age and type of vehicle you are driving.

 Performing  a quick online comparison with a site such as can help you find the best insurance at the best prices anywhere in Alabama!