Alternative Ways to Heat the Home without using Natural Gas or Propane

Means of heating the home such as natural gas and propane are often seen as the basic necessities when it comes to keeping warm. However, these sources of energy are becoming increasingly limited and increasingly expensive to use. It is possible to find alternative means of heating the home without having to resort to expensive measures.

Insulate The Home

Insulating rooms in the home is one of the most beneficial and equally money saving things that an individual can do to heat the home. Insulating can be accomplished in numerous ways from installing plasterboard and fibreglass in the walls to double glazing windows and replacing old windowpanes and doors with newer, thicker models. The basics of insulation can be aided by a few more simple additions to a room. Add thick curtains, nets and blinds and keep them closed to help heat stay in the room, and fill in any cracks and small gaps in doors and windows.

Candles And Incense

Candles are flames, flames are fire and fire is an ancient means of heat that even the cavemen of old tales and stories used to keep warm. Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and prices that come with them. Clean out a room to make space for candles, whether large candles or tea lights. Heating a room with candles can be very easy if they are placed strategically around the room and of course, all of the doors, windows and curtains are closed to trap the heat in. Light at will and feel the warmth. For additional heat from smoke, light incense also but always do so in caution as the smoke can become overpowering. Incense is best used in a well ventilated room and is not suitable for people with certain conditions. Speak to a doctor first before using it.

Cuddle Together

The body creates heat, heat which can then be shared. Keeping warm does not exactly require propane or natural gas at all; it can in fact be found on every individual. Cuddle together with a loved one, romantic partner or the family and share the warmth. This can make a person literally become a radiator that can help heat everyone in the room and in some cases, even the room itself. Treat this as an effective means of keeping warm, sharing love and of course, saving money on fossil energies this wintertime.

Heating the home is a necessity in some cases but it is not always easy to do so without natural sources that are running dry increasingly fast. Every individual has the power to save the world and, sometimes, the effort from a single person can make a huge difference even if it doesn’t seem like it. Avoiding propane and natural gases when heating the home can be very easy and very beneficial. There are countless alternatives, from simple insulation techniques to the use of candles and incense, even to simply huddling together with the nearest and dearest. Look for alternatives to natural gas and propane as a means of helping to save the world, helping to save money and heating the home effectively.