Alternatives to Personal Loans

Finding alternatives to personal loans really depends on where you are financially. If you are already sinking into a financial hole, you may have to get a personal loan if you can to survive. However, several alternatives exist for people who just need a few hundred dollars to get to next week or to buy some necessity.

You can take things of value that you don’t use any longer to the pawn shop and sell them. This really is a type of loan, and if you decide you want the item back within a few weeks, you can go pay the loan and get it. Sometimes you have friends and family that will make a gift of a few dollars or a hundred dollars to help you out. This isn’t a loan and doesn’t have to be repaid.

You can have a garage or yard sale an often raise from $50 to $500 depending on what you have to sell. The most obvious answer is to just wait until you have earned the cash so a loan isn’t necessary. In the case of purchases, this is often something you can do. It just hurts a little.

If we’re talking about food, there are food banks and pantries all over to help with this. Most states have food stamp programs. Many churches have feed programs. Some of the same can be said for clothing, utilities, and sometimes rent.

Once you break the credit habit, life gets easier when you live debt free. Finding alternatives is a smart choice, but it takes resolve to make it work.