Alternatives to Personal Loans

If you really must get a personal loan, check out all the lending rates and small print to ensure that you get the best deal. However try a couple of alternatives to a traditional loan first:-

1 – Have you a relative or friend who could lend you the sum you need? Maybe you could make a deal with them to do some work for them as payment for what you owe. Decorating all their home, landscaping the garden or installing electrics could all be possibilities. If you have a talent, which you can use properly, this may solve things for both of you . If not agree on a repayment term and stick to it. Hopefully you will pay none or very little interest.

2 – How about a small additional loan on your mortgage? Usually these have a much lower rate of repayment and interest and they are often spread over a longer term.

3 – Assess if you really need a personal loan. Often if you are going on a holiday you could start a regular savings plan and avoid having to borrow money. There again you may be able to afford part of what you want to buy and get the rest later, once you have saved up some money.
Furthermore the goods or services which you are thinking of purchasing may be totally extravagant and just not needed. If that is the case they can definitely wait.

4 – Invest in banks and share schemes which will mature at different times. If you do this on a regular basis there will always be some money about to become available. Many employers these days offer regular share save schemes which offer great deals for employees.

5 – What about some overtime or an extra part-time job. Often just a little extra on a regular basis can make all the difference. You could look at the possibility of doing some Mystery Shopping or you could join a few different survey and or review sites. Make sure that you research any of these options well to make sure that you only partake in legitimate offers of work.

6 – Finally check your household budget. Are you wasting money on a day to day basis. Can any cuts be made here You will be surprised if you change a few brands and start an economy drive how much you can save. Check out consumer web sites such as Which and USWITCH and see how much money you could save by swapping your gas, electricity and insurance suppliers.

Overall though remember life is about living and do not become a miser in your effort to become for cost efficient.