American Dream

The American Dream can have many meanings, depending on whom you ask. A lot of people refer to the idea that all Americans can prosper financially and spiritually through hard work, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or social class. In other words, there will be equality to all man (or woman) kind. Most people refer to buying their own home as a piece of the American Dream. A house is the single largest purchase that most people will make in their lifetime, and owning your own home shows financial stability (or at least that’s the idea). Some people view owning their own business as a piece of the American Dream as well.

In the financial aspect, there are plenty of people who feel like they are living the American Dream. However, it does not come as a surprise to anyone that America is currently going through an economic hardship. There are still plenty of people who are out of work or experiencing a reduction in income. No matter how thrifty or frugal one tries to be, rising prices all over America are contributing to the ever-growing list of expenses every person or family is strapped down with every month. Owning their own home or their own business, or establishing any financial stability even, can seem out of reach to a lot of Americans. In general, it’s becoming harder and harder for working class people to get ahead.

In the spiritual aspect – again, there are plenty of people who feel like they are living the American Dream. They have the family, complete with two and a half kids. They are happy with their careers, their social activities and their social status. However, there are those who do not feel like they are given the same opportunities or treated with the same respect as people who are born into more affluent situations/social statuses.

In the end, who you are, where you live, and what you’ve been through determine what your idea of the American Dream is, and whether it is within your reach. For the American Dream to die, would mean that no one believes they are currently living the American Dream or, even more importantly – that it is attainable. Thankfully, Americans as a whole still have hope for a better future for themselves and for their country. Many of us continue to strive towards equality in all aspects of life. Regardless of where we’ve been, we all have the same place we want to end up – in a life full of happiness, health, and financial stability.

America has a long way to go before we experience true equality to all mankind, but as a country, we have made vast improvements throughout the years. Maybe not as quickly as many of us would like – it’s been a slow and steady progress. With a little bit of optimism, and a lot of effort and teamwork, the American Dream can become attainable for more, if not all Americans.