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It seems like every time you turn around, you see something advertising a service to repair bad credit. It’s everywhere. You can’t turn on your computer without seeing something asking you if you know your credit score.

I know it only too well. You can’t get a loan with a bad credit score. Not for a house, not for a car, nothing. And I had a horrible credit score and there wasn’t anything I could do.

Let me give some background. I’m educated. I have a family. I work and make a decent living. You know how they say bad things happen to good people? I’m an example of that.

I am just starting in my career. I have the standard bills that everyone has: car payment, rent, utilities, etc. But I have monster student loan payments AND my son has braces. Money is tight.

I wrecked my car. Just a fender bender, but I had to get it fixed. I went to a bank and they said they couldn’t even consider a loan. It was too little money and my credit score was too low. That all stems from my divorce, and there’s simply nothing I can do about it because it follows you.

I needed only $500 to get the car fixed. I couldn’t borrow money from my parents. So I checked out some information on the Internet. Knowing there are internet lenders available was comforting. But I’ve also heard stories about offshore companies and I knew I wanted to do business with an American web loan company. So I entered that into a Google search: “American web loan.”

Two things I found out surprised me. American web loan companies do not do credit checks, so it didn’t matter what my score was. And when you’re dealing with a reputable American web loan company, you can have your money the next day.

Many companies popped up. And I did individual searches on several of them. I did some reading to to make sure they had a good reputation. Still, I was skeptical. One I found was simply called American Web Loan. So I called their customer service line to make sure I was doing business with an American web loan service. After speaking to the rep, I was comfortable with the terms and the company.

It gave me peace of mind. I got my car fixed with minimal hassle. And I know that I’ll have that to fall back on in times of trouble.