Americans please Clarify – No

I think it would be great if everyone in the US had health insurance. But I am still confused on a few issues. The reform states that a majority of premiums and health care costs (for poverty-level people) will be paid through medicare and medicaid. How is this going to be possible when they, especially medicaid, are having a hard time paying for their bills now already! How will this work? I see one way is to increase the taxes paid by high income people. I don’t think they will like that! Is that really fair? Shouldn’t this proposal at least be put to a vote by the American people?

Another issue is the closing of Medicare D “donut hole”. How will these seniors be able to afford their medicine? Paying 50% of brand name medicines is expensive. Eventually they will only have to pay 25% which is definitely better. Why not put this into effect now instead of later?

I believe that to ban private insurance companies from putting yearly or lifetime benefit limits on policies or to make them pay for pre-existing conditions will cause these companies to increase their premiums and probably eventually “go out of business”. I don’t want that. Maybe give companies choices of allowed limits, IE: $20,000-50,000 annually and/or $200,000-500,000 for lifetime. Being a person with pre-existing conditions, I like the idea of forcing health insurance companies to allow pre-existing conditions but maybe give the companies a choice to cover pre-existing conditions after 6 months or 12 months of coverage.

Why should the reform be mandated? Why not offer Americans a choice to have this health insurance? I am sure, if offered, many/most of these low income people or people who don’t have insurance (for whatever reason) would elect to take it. I believe that most Americans would rather have health insurance regardless of what income bracket they are in. I don’t believe anyone likes owing bills (medical or otherwise). I think it is wrong to fine individuals (or companies) for not having heath insurance! Why not give the American people a chance to vote on this health care issue?

I don’t usually get into political issues mostly because I don’t understand them. I don’t understand why there is a (democratic vs republican) fight over this issue. I do believe this is an important issue but that it is being handled the wrong way! Please comment on my ideas (above) and clarify why this issue couldn’t be handled better. I will look forward to hearing from my fellow Americans!