An Introduction to Creating a Debt Management Plan

Creating a Debt Management Plan for those in the United Kingdom may include the employment of a private Company that specialises in the production of bespoke plans that deal with unsecured debts. Such Debt Management Plans are specifically utilised for the management of debts such as Credit Cards, Cash Loans, Unsecured Loans, Utility arrears, Storecards, Catalogues and other similar creditors.

Due to the current recession, this particular finance sector is showing considerable growth, to the point that although it is not currently regulated, the fair trading office is taking an interest and is indicating guidelines for such companies to follow. This means that there is considerable choice when it comes to choosing such a Company, however as with all unregulated services, the caveat buyer beware operates here.

Many such Debt Management Companies offer over and above what could be accepted by creditors when it comes to settlement and management of debts, simply to draw in customers/clients.

However, should one find oneself in a position where income is reduced and you are unable to balance the books when it comes to paying debts and also managing to live, then a Debt Management Plan may well be the way to go.

It is quite possible that the Company you choose to manage your debts will be able to negotiate a freezing of interest on the debts you have, although this is not guaranteed. They will also carry out an income and expenditure report so that a minimum monthly payment can be calculated for you as a client. It is worth remembering though, that if you pay less than you are currently towards your debts, then the duration of repayment will be extended. Although, there is a balance here, as if the interest on your debt has been frozen, then you will be simply paying back debt only, which can shorten the repayment period proportionately.

In most cases, such Debt Management Companies charge for their services, and generally this charge is built within your monthly payment. This means that you are paying your creditors less than the monthly payment you are making, which of course extends the payment duration even more. Also, some of these Companies take one or more of your first monthly payments in total as set up costs, which can put you up to two months in arrears with your creditors even before your plan is set up.

It is worth saying that for those in the UK, Debt Management Plans are the gentlest of options, with IVA’s and Bankruptcy being the more serious options. If you do need to employ Debt Management services then for most people, a Debt Management Plan is the softest option and the least harmful to your future credit rating. To find a Company that can help you in this area, a simple web search will provide many choices.