Analyzing the Housing Market Downturn

The beginning of this decade brought speculation of what was to come, tomorrow or next year. We had found the values of homes going upward, in some areas doubling or tripling, if one was lucky enough. However, years later, the value of homes has shifted spiraling downward making it nearly impossible to sell one for market value. Gasoline prices rising and falling depending on what the cost of a barrel of oil is doing taking the cost of food along with it but always on a continues upward movement. The Americans are working longer and harder to try and keep up just above drowning level.

With all that is available to fight against this, one would like to believe that some where out there it can finally be conquered, and the spiraling out of control that is happening would stop. Financial lenders found ways to accommodate buyers thus allowing them to purchase a home of their dreams even if it was not in their best interest. Being creative in lending within the lending process has led many to purchase far more than they should have ever been allowed. Now many home owners are finding it not only more difficult to make their payments monthly but they are beginning to drown in their dream. Dreams turning into financial nightmares and we are helpless in our fight.

The average middle class family puts in more working hours only to discover that the paycheck they got on payday will not stretch any further. It is being reported that what would stretch four days barely makes two now. Finding it more difficult than ever to live within meager means middle class people are struggling and scrounging for the means to survive. Homes being sold at fire sales and the rate of foreclosure are astounding. Why is there nothing stepping in to change this and stop the struggling of hard working Americans?

All of this is causing the housing market to be flooded, with no potential of buyers and values continuing to plummet further downward. When the housing market needs correcting it usually takes years for it to be accomplished. Home owners are dealing with credit crisis making refinancing unavailable from Lenders that were willing to lend money to just about anyone with a job.

The average American living paycheck to paycheck has always had a tougher way to go in life but somehow managed to accomplish their dreams. With things the way they are today and looking towards the future, there is little hope of change unless something changes. A band aid is only a temporary fix to a continuing problem that is plaguing our country; there is a great need for drastic changes today! When will it be enough to make changes for the betterment of our Country.

When is it enough?