Annual Travel Insurance for Families

If you and your family are planning to take more than one trip in a year, then you can make substantial savings by taking out an annual travel insurance policy.  There is no need to buy separate insurance for each trip.  If trips are on the cards then travel insurance is needed to recoup any expensive losses incurred. It offers peace of mind that your whole family is protected.

Family policies offer great savings by covering children up to the age of eighteen free. Each policy will offer a time limit on each individual trip so look for one which covers your needs. Often they cover between 60 or 90 days, which make them perfect for the independent travellers who may decide to extend their original stay. The extra days on a visit to family abroad will be automatically covered meaning you can make your own schedule.

The travel insurance industry also recognizes families beyond the traditional ones, and policies are available for individual family needs. Some offer free child insurance for up to three children per parent covered, whilst others recognize different styles of families and free child cover is given for up to three children per adult covered. This means it is possible for a grandparent’s insurance to cover a child. Families aren’t only defined as married couples with children on some policies, a couple who have lived together for more than six months can also benefit from annual family insurance. Policies can also cover same sex couples, those with foster children, and additional family members coming along.

It is important to shop around for the cover which meets your families needs to benefit from it the most. If one person in the household frequently travels on business they would be wise to have an annual travel policy in place.  This can also cover the whole family even if just one family trip is taken in a year, so consider that if taking out a travel policy primarily for your business needs. One policy will cover both your business and personal needs.

Insurance for whole families is particularly important as the more people travelling together the more expensive the trip is likely to be, and thus there is much more to lose if something goes wrong. If a tour operator goes bust and you lose the whole holiday, at least you will be reimbursed so can still take the family on another trip. If everyones baggage went astray it would be more expensive to replace items for several people than one. Also in the worst case scenario of family members being hospitalized whilst abroad, the medical benefits will be invaluable.

Annual travel insurance for families is flexible enough to cover your family and your families individual needs. Take advantage of the discounts available and the free child cover and enjoy your travels knowing all the insurance necessaries are taken care of for the whole year.