Annual Travel Insurance who should have it and why

Annual travel insurance is designed to give cover to anyone planning more than one trip a year, whether it is on business or pleasure. Anyone who travels frequently would benefit by just having one annual policy as it will be cheaper. It is essential for the business traveler who may travel at short notice and not want to find a new policy each time.

Those who work abroad frequently need travel insurance and knowing there is annual cover in place is one less thing to think of amidst the frequent traveling. There are some annual policies which also cover the whole family, and these are perfect for the person who makes several business trips and then takes a holiday with their family, as the whole family can be covered by the one policy. Often up to three children up to the age of eighteen are covered on the same policy one uses for business.

Even if no business travel is involved annual travel insurance is perfect for any family who makes more than one trip in a year. Again the benefit of one insurance policy to cover more than one trip is that it will be cheaper than two individual policies. The benefits on savings, plus the way some of the family policies are structured to include the different types of families today, means that coverage tailored to your specific needs are available.

Why anyone should have travel insurance at all applies to anyone travelling overseas, be it once or more than once in a year. The same risks are always out there making insurance the sensible option. Considering many of the standard risks which are associated with travel then it is much more expensive to travel without insurance if something happens, than paying for the policy beforehand.

Travel insurance above all gives peace of mind as no one wants anything adverse to happen, but the chances of needing it are obviously higher the more frequently one travels, which is a prime reason to have an annual policy in place. Generally the risks covered include cancellation or interruption of a trip, bankruptcy of the airline or tour operator, baggage loss, and medical coverage. Each policy will outline what is covered so you can choose what is appropriate for you and your family.

Annual policies do vary with the length of time covered in each individual trip so shop around for what you need, there is no point in cover which runs out a day before you return, if that is the day your airline goes bust.

Thus, for year round cover for those who plan to travel more than once, or frequently, annual travel insurance is a sensible safeguard to have. It only needs to be  bought once, and can then be renewed, saving you precious time in looking around for the best cover to suit your needs. Have safe and stress free travels.