Are Liberals using the Supreme Court to Destroy the Constitution

Well Gee Wilikers, Marc(Mitler)*, you sure can go on. I don’t think anyone could have told the Truth better than you, except for maybe Lester Maddox. But the Governor was a man of few words. He was @action [email protected] Unlike you Marc, Master Maddox knew that the art of controlling his environment was not a collection of long winded legal and philosophical mumbo-jumbo, but the effective use of an ax handle. Standing in front of his Georgia fried chicken restaurant threatening to brain any black who tried to enter, now that was a way of preserving his white god-fearing values. Jeesh, the Governor is gone know, and so are the Jim Crow laws that he struggled to maintain. He didn’t even give up after the law said he was wrong. God said he was right and that was enough for good old Lester. I don’t think that he and Dr. King will be sharing a cup of coffee and a good laugh about the good old days at any five and dime counter in heaven. No, I think the Governor has his own extremely hot stool down south, if you catch my drift.
But what am I doing placing you, Marc in the same few paragraphs with a bigoted old fool who went to his grave wondering why nobody understood that he was just trying to protect his beloved Peach State and @[email protected] country from the forces of evil? I know you think yourself a serious political and theological theorist not to be trifled with, and Lester Maddox was clearly a dullard who didn’t know when to quit. Well, I can’t help but notice a common thread. Whether you like it or not, Marc, I think you and good old Lester are two peas in a pod.
In you Marc, I detect the same kind of haywire circle the wagons instinct that led Maddox to believe that the integration of the south was tantamount with the opening of the Seventh Seal. The country was moving away from old Lester to bigger and better things. The Laws of the Land where proving to function as they where intended to function. As living breathing growing adapting things. The founders certainly wasted a lot of time coming up with our complicated system of government if people like you and Lester are going to gnash teeth everytime someone gets the inclination to take some constitutional challenge that you don’t agree with all the way to the Supreme Court, where heaven help us, the ruling is not to your liking.
All of your nonsense Marc, is just a thinly veiled attempt at justifying your rather overt bigotry in the name of God and Country; to protect the freedoms you find important and pure, and everyone else can go and get f-ked. Isn’t that what you’re really saying, Mitler? Do you know what it meant to be caught engaged an Un-natural Act? It meant GO TO JAIL. Where are all your happy anonymous little gay people now that were/are @[email protected] to live in harmony and love whom they choose…oh and be arrested if the wrong person caught wind? As long as were on the subject of gays, where in the name of s-t did the idea that gay people are a national security risk by slowing down the rate of reproduction in the United States to the point of crippling us. Joseph Goerbels would be proud. That sounds like something he would have beamed out across Germany in 1938. But, I digress. There is a big difference between illegal in the eyes of god and illegal in the eyes of the United States Constitution. The laws of organized religion are frozen and not subject to interpretation. That does not mean that in the United States whores should be stoned and thieves should have their arms lobbed off. If we took the laws of @[email protected] religion at face value, we would be in a very very bad place.
Church and state can co-exist together but it is paramount that they not be entwined. A single dominant religion would be equivalent to a ruling class where all other individuals are substandard. Imagine if the dominant religion in the United States was Catholicism. Feel like kneeling before the pope, Marc? I didn’t think so. Yes, I think the last thing the founders had in mind was a de facto king and noble class after they spent so much time telling King George III how much they liked having him for a king. And so much for that.
I’m glad we have the Supreme Court and people can push to re-evaluate our-Our Marc, not Yours-beautiful but flawed Constitution. I don’t always agree with the Supreme Court, but that’s the idea. Only a mental defective or an extremely paranoid person would think otherwise. If there is one thing history has taught us it is that the Constitution is not a good place to limit freedoms: Slavery, the right to vote, Prohibition. The Constitution is a place for granting freedoms. Anytime the subject of resricting via the Constitution rises like scum to the surface of debate, I become leery. And as far as the founders reference to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit happiness. I DO think they meant everyone; not just people the you and your bigoted backwater and behind-the-times brethren see fit. Everytime our United States of America pulls closer to reaching the goals of freedom and liberty for all who live here, fools like you have to come along and screw it.

*This is a response to Author Marc Mitler.