Are Savings from Coupons Worth the Trouble of Collecting them – Yes

Yes Coupons can and do save you money if you are careful to use them correctly. Here are my tips.

Only cut coupons for items you use or are thinking of trying. Too many coupons in your coupon holder make it hard to find what you want and tempt you to buy things you don’t normally use because it’s such a good deal.

Don’t cut out coupons that ask you to buy multiples of an item if you don’t usually buy multiples or the buying of multiples would seriously wreck your budget. For example a certain laundry detergent will give you a dollar off if you buy 2, 100 oz or larger sizes. That’s 50 cents off each, not so good. Even if the coupon gets doubled and you get a dollar off each, if you have a small family and a small budget this may not be a good deal for you.

Always try to shop where coupons are doubled. Try to get a sale paper for the store in advance and match your coupons and sale items so you take less time in the store.

Check to see if other brands or a store brand would be cheaper even without a coupon if using those brands doesn’t bother you. I like to use coupons when it makes a brand I really like the same price or lower than a store brand.

Be careful of using a coupon impulsively just because it makes a good deal. Sometimes a doubled coupon will get you a product free, so that splurge may be ok. But if you have a strict grocery budget and happen to notice a sale on spaghetti sauce that you have a coupon for that will even be doubled! but you have a whole cupboard full of spaghetti sauce already, pass it up.

Organize your coupons in some kind of box or folder that’s easy to carry with you. I have mine organized by the aisles of the store where I usually shop. Read the fine print and throw outdated coupons out so you aren’t surprised at the checkout.

Share coupons with friends and family. If there is something like a certain type of dog food that you use all the time put out the word that you would appreciate people saving those coupons for you of they don’t want them.

I detest companies who put “do not double” on their coupons unless its a low priced item with a large coupon discount or a free item. I don’t cut out those coupons as a protest. It’s the store who gives you the additional amount off so why should the manufacturer care?

I personally save $10.00- $15.00 off my grocery bill each week and have saved up to $30.00. That may not seem like a lot to some folks but to people on a very tight budget like mine it is a big help. Yes I sometimes try things I wouldn’t have without a coupon and sometimes I still do an impulse buy because it’s a good deal but overall I think coupons are quite helpful.