Are Savings from Coupons Worth the Trouble of Collecting them – Yes

The answer is a conditional yes. Conditional because savings has different meaning for different people.

However, usefull-ness of savings from couponw is dependent on several factors. Let us describe them briefly –

1. Type of coupon – cash coupon or future purchase discount or discount on buying another article etc. To my mind getting instant savings is more important than savings on future purchase. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. It is probable that one may misplace the coupon in future or one may not remember to bring it back to the shop on the next trip to the shop.

2. Type of person you are – Is saving 50cents or a dollar important to you?
Some people count every cent saved while others do not bother if the saving is not substantial like $5 or $10. So the answer is a ‘Yes’ for the former type of people while it is a ‘No’ for people of the latter type. If you are the type of person who believes ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ then this is great for you. Also some of the coupons provide savings over a dollar.

3. Validity Period – is the coupon valid for a short duration of time or valid for a long duration of time. Usually most coupons are valid for 2-3 months but occasionally you may come across coupons which are valid for a short duration of time. It is always better if the coupons are valid longer this gives you more time to plan your purchase. Otherwise if you want to give them to someone then you can do so also.

Clearly, savings from coupons depends on what is important to you. Is preserving and carrying around coupons using your available time more important than spending time with your family and kids. The decision is yours. If you have lot of time to spare then certainly collecting coupons can get your considerable savings.

In conclusion I would like to share something with you. A man started collecting coupon savings on purchase of soaps and after several years of collection, built a large house with the money. The house was wonderful and had 10 rooms. He threw a large house-warming party for his friends and relatives. Everybody was happy for him and he proudly showed people around the house. At the conclusion of one such tour somebody asked him, Excuse me, you told us there are 12 rooms in this house but we only saw 4 of them. What about the remaining 8?

The owner replied, ‘Oh! that is where I keep the soaps!’