Are Savings from Coupons Worth the Trouble of Collecting them – Yes

Coupons were a great innovation for both the seller and the buyer. People who had no intention of buying a particular product may change their mind, if they can get twenty, thirty, or fifty cents, or even a dollar, off their next purchase. Companies, whose prices are already marked up, are losing nothing in the deal. And, the consumer just might like their new purchase enough to buy it again, which is exactly what the manufacturer is counting on.

Truthfully, if you watch the newspapers, magazines, and flyers, you can often find money saving coupons that do add up in the check out line. If you collect enough of them, and go to stores that not only accept them, but sometimes double their worth, your savings, during the year, may add up to hundreds of dollars.

Of course this takes some time and organization. Anyone who has ever stood in line behind someone who is fumbling for a coupon knows how frustrating this can be. The experienced coupon clipper has them in a file, knows which ones they are planning on using, and has them ready at the register.

The trick to any coupon savings, is, of course, not to buy something that you probably won’t use and don’t need, just because you have a coupon for it. Money is not saved if you take the item home and your family won’t use it, or eat it. This may be an opportunity to try the product, however, and you might find that you like it. There are also coupons that require you to buy two or three of the same item in order to get the discount. Once you have tallied up the individual cost, after coupon, you may discover that your actual savings are minimal or non existent.

The only way that coupon savings pays off is to patiently and diligently wait and watch for those that pertain to your normal buying needs. Obviously, if you are getting a good discount from these coupons, and the item is actually on your shopping list, then you will save. Taking those same coupons to more inexpensive stores, or ones that are already offering sales on those items is an added bonus.

Food is expensive, but vital. Today, when every penny counts, we really can’t afford not to use every means available to lower costs. While it may take some time and effort, and a little organization and planning, using coupons can make a big difference in the total bill, and in your long term food budget.