Are the Benefits of Life Insurance Worth the High Premiums – Yes

High premiums are extremely high if we do not start our
life insurance policies until later in life or until
we have habits or health issues which raise our
premiums. The best time to get life insurance is
in your twenties. The younger and healthier you are,
the better your rate will be.

How much the policy is for and how much the premiums are, will
determine if it’s too costly or not. My Mother-in-law had a
life insurance policy which she paid $6.00 per month, for over
sixteen years…not bad huh? It’s terrible when the policy
was for $1,000.00. That’s it! She was doing the best she could on
her limited income and financial knowledge.

As a consumer, we have to be vigilant in researching our options
and the premiums for our situation. The premiums are high and we
have no idea how long we will live. We have to make the best of what
we have to work with and pay close attention to what the end result
will be. High premiums are here to stay and I think it stinks that
unless you are financially healthy, then you have to opt out of the
life insurance arena all together.

When it comes down to collecting on a policy which
is worth $200,000.00 or more, you will be glad that you
were able to stick with the premiums and now have the
money to fall back on. At a time of loss, money is a
huge part of moving on. Once an income is lost, the
premiums paid have now allowed you or your loved one to
continue to live at the same standard of life you were
accustomed to.

Expensive, yes…necessary, most definately. In todays
world where life is very expensive and the cost of living
seems to grow in leaps and bounds; Who knows what the cost
of things will be in twenty years. We have to make sure that
our loved ones will have what they need to survive, especially
if you have alot of people who will be effected by the income

If you are one of those people who refuses to get life insurance
because you don’t feel that your spouse deserves it…just remember,
You may be on the receiving end of that situation…how will you
handle the loss and unexpected financial hardships? Life is for the
living and we have to make plans and sacrifices for our loved ones.

If you cannot afford the high premiums, then try to at least put
away what you can into a savings each month. Something is better than
nothing and it will earn interest. When a person dies, we need to mourn,
not be concerned with how we will pay for your burial and debt you left