Article about Punishment and Rehabilitation

Rock Beats Paper

Crime in Britain is spiralling way out of control. And not only that but manners and behaviour are disappearing too. Teenage ‘hoodies’ stalk the streets in feral herds looking for weak targets as they swig from strong, white ciders. Lurching about wearing cheap, gold chains and tacky fake designer clothes like they were in Compton and generally making law-abiding citizens lives a misery.

And what do we do about it? In short, nothing. We do nothing at all. We hand out petty fines and ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders) and hope everything will be fine. Well everything is NOT fine! The very heart of society is being corroded by these vulgar, young thugs and all the authorities can do is dish out useless fines and bits of paper in the hope the cretins will learn from their ‘punishment’. What a joke! A massive slap in the face to everyone who lives by the rules.

There is a cure of course. There is a solution which if brought back and put in place would have these tearaways cowering like the pathetic cowards they are. Bring back corporal (and capital punishment). Order would be restored pretty damned quickly if ASBO’s were replaced by birching; and one could be certain that the flogged offender would think long and hard before thinking of returning to his or her wild ways.

I laugh at the social workers and liberal fools who think they do something good. They’re just understudies to folly. Caretakers of a broken ideal. And I guffaw even louder when they say corporal/capital punishment is barbaric. No, it is not. What is really barbaric is the way we ignore victims and let the great unwashed thugs drag us under even more. They’re laughing at you. As am I.
No order will ever be returned if you persist in molly-coddling.

Go to any magistrate court (at least in my neck of the woods) and outside you will see young people laughing, getting drunk/high before entering and going in front of the judge. They even commit further crimes whilst waiting to be sentenced for the ones that brought them to the court! I have seen it with my own eyes. Respect has utterly diminished. Don’t think for one second that these types have any regard for you if you happen to be a social worker or whatever lily-hearted title you hold. You are being used. You might THINK that you have tools at your disposal to reign these people in but it’s only an illusion. They are playing authorities like Guitar Hero and the reason the authorities cannot see it is they are blinded by a self-inflated belief that they are important, or wield any power.

No, the real power is in the hands of the wild and be warned; if you punish with kid gloves you will be rewarded with a lawlessness such as you have never witnessed before. This country will see courtesy and manners drown in a tide of flat lager and cold ash. And this rot will be difficult to reverse if we contine like this. I already fear we have gone beyond the point of hope.

When will liberals realise that treating yobbish teenagers with ‘tender care’ only results in chaos and further deteriation? It is NOT working the way that we punish these days. We MUST return to tougher ways because if we don’t we WILL be sorry. Some people think they are somehow ‘enlightened’ if they see beyond corporal and capital punishments. We shall see how enlightened they are when everything they hold dear is suffocated by clouds of fear.

People are already too afraid to venture out at certain times because of loutish behaviour. And it’s no longer restricted to over-zealous pranks and broken windows, there are children walking our streets and parks armed with guns, knives and God knows what else. Admittedly firearms are not as popular (how long this lasts is uncertain) but weapons equally lethal are carried with the same devastating results. Sterner sentences for knife carrying have been brought into effect this is true but should it really take a blade to be found before any sort of decent punishment can be handed down? No it shouldn’t, we ought to be able to answer any crime with severity REGARDLESS whether weapons are carried.

Having suits and cotton-hearted, yoghurt-knitters deal with these violent gangs is only good for one thing; more and more red tape and taps on the wrist while the lager louts run rampant. It’s rather like putting chickens in charge of the foxes. The solution is simple; bring in the wolves. Let iron and leather be the tools of punishment and we will see just how paper punishments have failed.
These cider-guzzling bandits ignore rules and civilities in favour of communicating via barks and threats. The peaceful approach will always be useless because barking is louder than whimpering, which is what the liberal do-gooders seem content in doing. But they have failed us, this softly, softly approach has brought nothing but damage and worse, the most unforgiving of all is that these faint hearts have made more victims with their methods than supporters of harsh punishment ever could. They won’t like that of course but its true. Soft sentences send a message that we are fine with criminal behaviour, that we accept it even and by letting thugs go with gentle strokes all that happens is the toll of victims rises.

They should be disgusted at themselves but these smug fools never are. Their heads are too lost in cuckoo land for any semblence of shame to reach. It’s all very well trying the humanitarian route but as soon as it reveals any hint of not working then it should be discarded and strict hands resumed.

I am not saying that bringing back the birch or the noose will get rid of crime completely. That is impossible but bringing them back WILL restore some degree of order. Do you really see young gang members going back to their gangs after they’ve seen one or two of their number flogged publicly? I can almost guarantee they would not.

Sure there would be persistent offenders as nothing stops those aside from a trip to the gallows. But my bet is that we wouldn’t need to turn to the rope for crimes like murder and rape if corporal punishment were ever reinstalled because the majority of yobs would have been sufficiently dealt with BEFORE they had any more criminal ideas.

We all know (apart from the liberal dolts) that what we have in place now isn’t working. And never will. So let’s let the hammers reign again and do away with fines and petty court orders. I’d like to see these cretins wave their whipping scars about in triumph like they do their ASBO.