Assessing the Death Penalty

When asked about whether the United States should or shouldn’t use the death penalty as a means of capital punishment, you really have to take a deep breath, step back, and consider the question very seriously. This is not a topic to be taken lightly, and it seems to me that most people don’t realize this. Despite my lack of political suave, I still have an opinion, and I intend to weigh in on this topic without holding anything back.

As of this writing, there are some 50 inmates on death row. Some having been there for more than 20 years, only to have imminent death awaiting them in the end. How can the American Government allow that many ultra-dangerous convicts to live that long, knowing they live and breathe while their victim is unable to indulge in the same? It is appaling to me that we sentence these inmates to die, but screw around and put it off until the absolute last minute possible. What with appeals, and protesters and anything in between, these men and women are allowed more life, much more life than they deserve to have. I 100% agree that the death penalty is a just and perfect punishment for ALL capital convicts. However, I must insist that the Government speed up the process by any means necessary. I do realize that there are cases where innocent people are wrongfully accused and wrongfully executed, however, in those cases I have faith that the American Criminal Justice system will see through the unjust accusation, and let the innocent go free. However, the rest, those being undoubtedly guilty, MUST pay for their actions. Not by sitting in prison for 60 years, not by being allowed to eat 3 times a day and mingle with other inmates for roughly an hour a day. But by being executed. I know that the majority of Liberal Hippies and Human Rights activists would cut me down to my knees for these statements, but it is a serious punishment for a serious crime.

As the saying goes, If you can’t do the crime, don’t do the crime. Or in this case, If you can’t afford to be killed yourself, don’t kill anyone else.